I've spent 20 years growing values into business culture.  

Shaping highly collaborative teams.  

And converting teams into business  partners. 

Today, my aim is to speed you along in your journey. 

By all standards today, women are not equitably visible in leadership roles, in board seats and in decision-making moments.  

The research says I'll be long-gone from this earth before this happens in a meaningful way.

I'd like to leverage my experiences and observations into a modern roadmap to accelerate the next generations of women developing their voice in leadership.

I believe that awareness can lead to a healthy crisis that deepends an urgency for change. 

 I believe that bias is hard to see when it's a tailwind at your back. 

I believe that at the heart of great culture is safety and a shared belief. 

I believe that there are shortcuts that are brought about by experience and insight.

Curiosity is the underpinning of creative fires.

I know that when there's awareness there is the opportunity to learn and grow.

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